Front Light/Tail Light

Front Light
Wildwrapz: Passionate about automotive transformation. Specializing in wraps, window tinting, and more.

Factory lights and reflectors can be unsightly. Tinting your exterior lights on your vehicle is a great way to change the appearance at a fraction of the cost versus purchasing costly aftermarket parts.

We offer three shades of tint, light, medium & dark to match your vehicles style.

Front Light
Front Light
WildWrapz Headlight Tinting in Monktons: Elevate your ride's style with expert tinting, adding sleekness and individuality for a custom edge.

Illuminate your style with WildWrapz’s Headlight Tinting Service! Transform the look of your vehicle’s headlights with our expert tinting, adding a touch of sleekness and individuality. Our skilled technicians use high-quality materials to ensure a seamless and stylish finish.

Elevate your ride’s aesthetic appeal and give it a custom edge with WildWrapz’s Headlight Tinting Service.